About Us

The Directorate of Mines and Minerals has been established in 1957 under the Department of Industry, Commerce and Enterprises, Govt. of West Bengal. Being a multidisciplinary technical organization the main target of the Directorate is towards systematic and scientific exploration and exploitation of mineral resource of the State to promote mineral based industries to encourage employment generation and to increase revenue earning.

The Directorate is comprised of eight district offices with its Head Office at Kolkata, West Bengal. It functions with 119 employees that including technical manpower. It carries out geological study, detail exploration and drilling work to establish mineral deposits in the State. It processes RP/PL/ML applications and monitor mining activities. It advises the State Govt. to implement the mineral rules to strengthen the mineral administration. It interacts with GSI, IBM and other like agencies through meetings and seminars. It provides all necessary information and support to the entrepreneurs interested in the mineral sector of this State.

Government of West Bengal created a technical Directorate under the Department of Industry, Commerce and Enterprises for promotion of mining and exploration of minerals in this State. Directorate of Mines and Minerals (DMM), so came into operation, started its journey with a target to develop technical excellence in exploration works related to earth science, promotion of scientific exploitation of minerals within the framework of MMDR Act and existing Rules. Application of technical knowledge and expertise in the societal issues is an added flavour in the achievement. After walking along this road for more than half a century, DMM is now recognized as a competent State Agency in national level. It is involved in geoscientific missions with inputs of PGRS, mineral exploration up to G1 level of UNFC, landslide studies, processing of RP/PL/ML, assessment of royalty, monitoring of mine plan, mining activity and prevention of illegal mining.